Lonnie's Place

Front end done...
Tail lights, Exhaust Halos, and Mufflers installed...Soon we'll install the Rumble!

Interior Mocked Up

Off the Rotesserie and still RED!  Final assembly is well underway

Color Time.  New pics of the Vair's fresh Glasurit base coat.

                               Pull Me Over Red!

Paint is done!  It will only look better from here on out sanding and polishing will make it glow!

Too Sexy!!!


Dan from Dan's Upholstery sent over some photos of the console mounted between the seats.  I can't wait till the shifter pops up from that bright red boot.

Time to Blow It Apart...

It has been a long hard road however we are getting real close, all body work is almost done we are test fitting most all other parts before the last disassembly for paint.

Fab is Complete!!!

All fab work is done in the photos you can see how we reinforced the hood louvers these were bonded to the hood. The rear spoiler was bonded to the body then cut to allow the trunk to open. Next step is prep for paint.

RareVair Vision

April 2019 Update

Jeff Lindsey and Marty Strode enclosing the motor and shift tunnel

Intake System


The "TinMen" at work...

Every day it gets a little closer, it took a while to find just the right place for the exhaust to come out but I think we did good. Today we finished the air scoops over the tires they will bring cool air into the engine dog house, also got the water tubes ,gas peddal,and gear shifter all mounted.

Got the air intake system fit today, more work needed where it goes into the throttle body but almost done.

Exhaust Ports Installed

Straight out the back with all those nasty gases!

On Your Feet!!!

Its time to check the stance and do the final mockup.

In keeping with the road race theme I decided to get 180 degree headers built for the Corvair. The only man for the job was Tom Phillips he can be seen in one of the photos ( dark gray T shirt) they are almost done. I am very lucky to be associated with a group of guys that are so talented.

Thanks to the work by Tom Phillips the 180 degree headers are done.  The next step is to put the motor back in the car and finish the exhaust system.

Header Build

June Update

We've been busy working on the Corvair, I made hose ends for the water tubes that will carry water to the front of the car. I also made the reinforcing plate for the clutch master cylinder. Marty Strode built  the box to mount the radiator, once I mounted it and the AC condenser the box was built into the car. We fully enclosed it so that all air that goes in the front has to pass through the radiator.  A little more welding and the fab work on the front will be done.

July Update - Continued

Reinforced plates affixed to the stock frame will be the mounting points for the rear suspension. I had to build the mounting brackets for the coil over shocks that will carry the car. I am happy with the final radiator and fan mount.  Air flow will be good, it should work quite well. Jeff, Mr. Fabricator, modified the front fenders to match the rear, we had to widen the rear 2 3/4 per side to make room for the tires.  He was able to keep all of the factory body lines.  From inside the rear fender well, you can clearly see the additional tire clearance. Now the Corvair is off to the sand blasters.

July Update, a Big One!


After the fenders were widened 2 3/4 inches per side for tire clearance; 4 inch steel u bends were welded through the outside skin to bring outside air into the motor. Air scoops were designed to catch the air forcing it into the engine, a cardboard template was made then transformed into steel and welded to the body.

Got busy and mounted my disc brakes on the Corvair project, also got the half shafts and lower control links made. I found a great new tool it allows you to accurately fit for backspace and wheel width.   You can also mount your tire to check for clearance, before spending money on the wheels.  Click on the pictures of the tool below to go their website.

May Update

Work on the body is coming along the hood vents are cut in it has a mako shark look , the front opening has also been cut to let air into the radiator . Christmas came early my front suspension came in thanks to great work by FatMan Fabrication 

V8 Corvair

March 2019 Update

These photos show the disc brake installation. I had to build custom brackets for the calipers. It seams nobody makes a kit for Corvairs. Using a flange yoke from a Nissan that bolted up to the 930 Porsche transaxle, it was relatively simple to make the half shafts.  I also made some brackets to mount the lower strut inboard, while using the stock Corvair mount at the wheel. The rear suspension is almost complete.



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