1) As with all new projects, you have to start somewhere. It usually starts with bench racing when someone says “What if you took this or that and put it in whatever and hooked it up to something and than drove it on the street?” “WOW way cool if only somebody would do it!” Well this is how Lonnie's newest project got started. While at this time Lonnie is not ready to let the cat totally out of the bag he is willing to share some of what it takes to make dreams come true. As time goes on he will be sharing more and more until the cats out of the bag and everyone can see what the new toy is. We will be posting new photos whenever something interesting gets done that he wants to share. There is no time frame so you will just have to keep checking back to see what's happening.

       When the “secret new project” got started, it was decided that to make it work we would need a bunch of power. So the hunt was on. What we came up with was a motor that was used in a road race car that only had two hours on it since new. This motor was 379 cubic inches and made 750 horsepower. It did this on a single 4 barrel manifold. After purchasing the motor, Lonnie decided that it would have to be re-configured to be little more user friendly on the street. This meant that the 13 to 1 compression ratio would have to be changed to enable it to buy “pump gas”. He figured as long as the motor was going to be taken apart to change pistons, he might as well replace the 3 1/2 inch stroke crank with a 4 inch stroke crank. This would take the motor out to 432 cubic inches. The compression ratio will be dropped to 10 1/2 to 1. Figuring that the single 4 barrel would not fit the project, we decided to replace it with “Hilborn Fuel Injection” which had been setup to run electronic fuel injectors. The problem here was that the motor runs dash twelve eighteen degree cylinder heads and we wouldn’t be able to buy an intake manifold to fit.