I got the opportunity to work on a Lister Corvette. This car is a replica that was built by Beck in California. It came to me because it was not running very well. When you would jump on the throttle it would run like wildfire, but was hard to drive around town. The induction setup is by CB Performance. It is a Webber carburetor copy that had been converted to an electronic fuel injection. To make the car more driver friendly, I replaced all of the electronics, the injector size, and redid some plumbing. I also added an idle air control system (that is the aluminum box in   between the carburetors). Duel o2 sensors, a computer controlled distributor and a new computer with a custom fuel map. The finished project started easy, had fast idle, and drove away from a stop light like an every day driver. But when you would jump on the loud pedal it would like to have ripped your head off.