OK, so now we have a motor that will more than likely have enough power to cost me my drivers license the first time I put it on the street. The next thing down the line is the transmission. To make this project really fun to drive a manual transmission with a lot of gears was my choice. With a little looking around I found a fresh corvette ZF 6 speed, so with my wallet a little lighter and my pickup a little heaver it came home with me. Now having all the parts in front of I started to get a little nervous. Even though I am using a good 16 lb steel flywheel and a good pressure plate the thought of that mass spinning at 8000 RPM didn't look right when using the corvette magnesium bellhousing. What the heck a good scatter shield seamed to be in order. After making more phone calls than I can count, I realized that nobody makes what I wanted. So I dug out a Lakewood that I saved from a past race car and set about to put them together